Monday, 10 November 2014

Omnipresent Rattan Patio Furniture

Inform us, simply when did the world go mad for rattan patio furniture? The chances are that if you have actually dropped into your regional bistro lately, had an expensive flat white on the high street or grabbed a sniffle at the local club, you have in all probability been sitting on a rattan outdoor chair.

Is it the hotels' fault?

Hotels and eateries often try to source cutting edge patio furniture because they want their eating areas to feel trendy, which adds to the ambiance.  Cheap, uncomfortable and cracked wooden furniture would create an 'atmosphere', rattan garden furniture produces an ambiance! Also the outdoor furniture industry suppliers promotes rattan furnishings because it is easily delivered and prices are very reasonable.


If you captured any of the performances for the X-Factor in the present series - the ones where the filming is at fancy hotels or Simon's LA home, with a shining sea in the background, we bet you'll have noticed that they always have their botts  plonked on rattan garden furniture. They sink back into their stylish beige cushions, cooled glass in hand, the very image of trendy outdoor living. It's this sense of luxury and metropolitan trendiness that drives the fashion.

Rattan Patio Furniture Features

The reality that rattan is constantly warm to the touch is a bonus . Hotels and pubs like it because it is doesn't have to be stored and its so long lasting. Modern woven rattan is developed to withstand a serious temperature level variety. The sun does not fade it or dry it out as it does wood. The moisture evaporates and it is ideal in salt water areas considering that the effects of the seaside air are quickly repelled. Snow and freezing temperatures will not harm the surface - in truth it is the ideal all year round outdoor furniture item. We expect then, you might argue that it was the functionality of the new product that drove the hospitality industry's interest when it initially began in the marketplace, that in turn made it the must-have product.

Flexibility Of Rattan Patio Furniture

The extremely flexibility of the rattan material fits the current state of mind too. Inside our houses, our lounge furniture has actually gone modular.  The modular garden rattan corner couch system has even reached the budget furnishing outlets, but quality does vary.