Monday, 10 November 2014

Jobs For The Garden - November

Jobs for the Garden-- November

The sudden modification in temperature level; the bitter winds and driving rain; leaving work in the dark, it's all confirmation that November is really with us. It's the last possibility to do the late autumn task in the garden. Right here at rattan garden furniture central, we've been making a 'to do' list of jobs that really need to be taken care of prior to winter sets in.

Before you get on with the really major jobs, get hold of a coffee and plonk yourself down on your rattan patio furniture and turn the outdoor garden table into an outdoor office. You'll be able to tidy up and make some great Christmassy decisions if you follow these concepts.

Country Firelighters

I started making these in 2013 and they actually are a beautiful method to stimulate a flame. They look pretty good nestled in a wicker basket next to the fire too-- better than among those foul-smelling boxes of commercial firelighters.

You are after a great mix of dry cuttings-- twiggy bits and leaves. An excellent variety will certainly look best and I constantly include a reasonable quantity of natural herb cuttings for the scent. Chuck in some holly and tie with some coloured string or raffia, and these make impromptu Christmas gifts too.

Collect a thick handful and binf into a wrap-- I utilize a dark red garden string or raffia, if I can get it. Tidily complete so that the lot is about 10-15 cm high, chop off the straggling bits and there you have it, a lovely smelling natural firelighter made entirely from those bits you 'd have been cutting down and throwing on the compost heap!

Dry Salted Herbs

Sticking with the herby motif-- here's an opportunity to get hold of the last of the British herb season into a container. The herby mix will certainly see you through the winter season and makes a charming uncommon Christmas present.

40g natural herbs (eg chives, parsley, tarragon, mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano).
10g salt.
A lemon .
Squashed garlic and/or chilli (optional).

Chop the herbs-- a mix of any of these is fantastic however you can theme your mix (rosemary, garlic, orange and chilli-- is beautiful with fish; sage, rosemary and thyme, garlic and lemon is a fantastic topping for roast potatoes).

Put the chopped herbs into a dish. Include the lemon and your garlic (one clove crushed) or fresh chili (sliced) if preferred.

Mix with seasoning. Leave in a warm place (I put mine by the oil fired cooker) for 3 days. Then p
our into a decontaminated container.