Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Garden Furniture and Outdoor Machinery Fair - SPOGAGAFA

Garden Furniture and Outdoor Machinery Fair

At the recent Spogagafa fair in Germany it was evident that the buzz word was eco and client product fulfillment.

With the products for the garden, the main focus was on  making gardening easier.

"One of the concerns we are definitely seeing in Europe is about the influence on the planet that outdoor devices might have. We have assessed all of our engines used in our lawnmowers and yard care equipment. We are now manufacturing these outdoor items in line with European emission requirements. In fact, in a lot of cases we have actually surpassed the limits! So this has actually been a significant accomplishment for us in improving our fuel engines.".

Vincent Bowden, Direct Advertising Europe, Briggs and Stratton AG.

Since the invention of the sophisticated lithium battery, Dennis Jacobsen, Chief Operating Officer at Global Marketing suggests that the outdoor machinery industry has changed.

"This is the future of energy, this is will replace fossil fuel powered items, this is going to make life simpler for the consumer to cut the grass. We digitally power lawn mowers, power drills, chainsaws, hedge toppers - we also offer battery powdered jet washers to clean any garden furniture.

Working in the garden for any length of time can cause tiredness. Is this due to the fact that the tools were possibly inadequate? Vincent Bowden says:.

"I believe individuals want garden machinery to be simple and effective. We are attempting to make the customer interaction with our outdoor items easier, as an example we want our petrol engines to fire up immediately."

When interviewed at the garden furniture exhibition, Dennis Jacobsen gives an example where an enhanced item makes garden upkeep simpler:.

"Our battery driven chainsaw does not make a discernible noise and vibration has almost been eliminated. It is also a much safer product than the normal fuel chainsaw.".

There are now a lot of new technical gizmos available for the garden. From clever digital helpers like garden sensors which advise when you must water your plants, right up to major devices like automatic lawnmowers that do all the work!