Friday, 21 November 2014


Charlie arrives from Australia in the new Family Business online soap. Will he be disruptive, will the garden furniture firm be affected? Click this link to enjoy this on going saga...

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


We launch our online soap today which is a story of being a member the Edge clan. Suicide, intrigue and trauma are just some of the elements of the plot.
Any resemblances to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.


The mother who has brought up the children and gave up her promising academic career.


Husband and patriarch - business entrepreneur, golf bore and sailor.


Eldest daughter who has a female lover and confidant.


Lorenzo is now the managing director and is a pompous twit; he runs the family firm quite badly.


Rosa is a daughter whose husband Nick Wales set up another firm in the garden furniture industry - he is a charlatan, plagiarist and traitor!


Rosa’s twin; she is the brightest sibling who has her father's business skills and charisma.


A feckless Romeo who always gets the girls but can't keep them.


Bastard son who has arrived from Australia to work in the family patio furniture firm. 


Much wronged long term girl friend of Massimo.


A cushion mogul and the father of Poppy. Of course he cannot abide the cheating Massimo.


A lover of Massimos who works in the pub near the main family home.


The patriarch's sister, clad in leopard skin who is a  bit of a hard tart!


Buys and sells cars in Bedfordshire, he is after Sophia!


Calm and honest, still around and used to go out with Sophia before Jack arrived on the scene


A mate of Lorenzo, just arrived back from abroad and will he prove to be another golf bore?

Click here for the synopsis and new episodes of Family Business!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Outside Edge has a brand-new variety of all weather  aluminium outdoor furnishings covers.

Safeguard Your Powder Coating

Hold on a moment, I believed aluminium outdoor home furnishings didn't need any work? Why must I cover metal garden furniture? If you never ever cover metal garden furniture it will certainly require painting once more in 7 to 8 years.

Purchase The Right Outdoor Patio Set Cover!

Here are our leading pointers for purchasing an all weather condition canvas to cover metal garden furniture.

Drawstring - ensure there is a cord that can be pulled that collects the product at the bottom to keep the cover safe.
Cord Holes - the cord will certainly be secured by eyelets, these must be made from stainless-steel, brass or aluminium, not inferior plastic.
Appropriate size - very evident that the cover needs to be tight.
Plastic covers are not an excellent long term choice.

Do not purchase a plastic cover - polypropylene fractures and fails swiftly when exposed to UV rays, this cover type is inexpensive however after a brief while does not work!

Polyester Mix - a mid priced item that is not too pricey and lasts for approximately 6 years - this is our advised garden cover.

Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas - Garden Furniture covers made from this fabric will certainly last  over 20 years; this is why Sunbrella is utilized on boats and yachts!