Saturday, 2 June 2012

Announcement - Our Shop In St Albans Closed on SUNDAY 2ND OF JULY, 2012


Our shop in St. Albans The Hertfordshire Furniture Company will be CLOSED on SUNDAY 3RD of June 2012.

On the other days of the Diamond Jubilee Weekend and Bank Holidays the shop will be OPENED as usual:

  • Saturday - 2nd of June, 2012
  • Monday -  4th of June,2012
  • Tuesday - 5th of June,2012
In the meanwhile you can visit our range of aluminium garden furniture sets on our website:

Don't forget that you can find us at The Kent Garden Show (2nd - 5th of June).

Enjoy the jubilee!

All the Best,
Iulian from OutsideEdge metal garden furniture.